Frequently Asked Questions

Is paying by PayPal safe?
We would like to assure you that PayPal is one of the most trusted and secure methods of online payment, which is why it is our preferred payment method. PayPal acts as the middle man to process your transaction via their SSL server ensuring your details are handled safely and these bank details are not passed onto us, we only receive confirmation of payment. More info...

Do you deliver outside the UK?
It may be possible to ship our products outside of mainland UK, however there would be an additional handling charge. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Do you accept returns?
We do not currently operate a return policy due to a large number of our products being made to order, however this does not affect your consumer / statutory rights. If you are dissatisfied with any of our products please get in touch so our team can assist you.

How do I install one of your products?
Installation can vary dramatically depending on the chosen location for the products, which is why we have provided helpful Fact Sheets for most items to advise as best we can about fitting our products. Please note some custom items such as gates or security doors will need to be made to measure, therefore possible installations by us might be arranged.

Can I place one way road spikes anywhere?
There are several things to consider before installing road spikes, so it is always advised to consult your local authority for guidance before purchasing. But we would always advise that you place these units on YOUR property and not on public roads / areas, put in place clear signage alerting traffic of the presence of the units, place them clear of any junctions and ensure they do not cause an obstruction or hazard to pedestrians.