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Lockable single security gate fitted with anti-climb rollers.

Heavy DutyAnti Climb DesignCrow Bar Resistant

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Designed to secure alleyways or provide access through fencing or other bondaries, these single security gates provide a sturdy solution to protect your property. Made from 3mm thick steel these gates are fitted with anti-climb rollers on the top as an addional security measure, which deters intruders from attempting to climb over the entrance.

These gates are also reinforced with two steel posts which are buried 600mm into the ground, making them exceptionally difficult to remove or damage. The door is a one way entrance with a stainless steel locking bolt, fitted with an anti-crow bar pannel to protect the mechanism from being prised open.

The standard widths for these gates are:
• 720mm
• 840mm
• 1000mm
• 1300mm 

Made in the UK. 

  • Height:2220-2395mm
  • Width:720-1300mm
  • Depth:600mm (Below ground)
  • Thickness:60mm (Frame)
  • Finish:Powder Coated Paint
  • Locking Mechanism:Stainless Steel Bolt

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